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FLE Clothing is an African Fashion brand with the aim of promoting African culture to the western world. We make clothes for The Stylish Woman using mostly African fabrics.

We are proud to contribute in our own little way to the economy of Africa as our Fabrics are sourced and Sewn in Africa.

For every purchase you make, you are supporting a community of people with talents and aspirations in Africa.

You too can look gorgeous in our African wear without a feeling of inferiority. We must be proud of our African heritage. Be Bold, look beautiful in your African attire!

....... Meet the Creative Director of FLE CLOTHING.

My name is Evangeline.

I am a wife, a mother and your friend.

I studied Chemical Engineering (Nigeria) and Gas Engineering and Management (UK).

I have worked in the oil sector in Nigeria and in various Financial institutions in the UK unfulfilled.

All these (Jobs) Ends with me following my passion.......

I have decided to follow my passion and my giftings and this has given birth to FLE Clothing which came into operation on the 4th of October, 2020.

From Creative Director.

To all our customers, You are All deeply appreciated. Thank you for trusting our brand. Without your support, there can't be FLE brand.

With you behind us, there is no limit.

Thank you all for your support and staying with us as we improve to serve you better.

We appreciate you All.



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