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Day 2

...... It all began to fall into place.

I understood from the message that your talent and passion is a point way to your fulfilment in life. I love fashion, designing and styling. I love to see people well dressed. And i can only be able to achieve this by designing, sewing and styling people.

I didn't know how to sew but I was determined to learn by myself. I woke up one morning, and all that came to mind was to get a sewing machine.

I bought one immediately and stated to make clothes for myself with no formal training. See below pictures of my first outfits.

It started as a seed. A small beginning......

It became the first seed planted for FLE CLOTHING.

I did put all my energy into sewing. This dress making unconsciously occupied my time as I had other challenges in my life. Then something that changed the course of my life happened........... Watch out for Part 3 tomorrow at 5pm.


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