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Re-Introducing F.L.E Clothing

(F.L.E - Fashion Lane by Evangel)


Our story began with a love for sewing for personal needs which translated into making custom made outfits for friends and clients.

From the bustling markets to the global catwalks, this passion has blossomed into a celebration of African culture with our ready to wear outfits.


Celebrating the diversity and beauty of Africa culture without the price tag to match.

We partner with productions companies in Africa who share our moral values including prioritizing our employee's well-being and creating sustainable jobs for families. Remember, when you wear our outfit, you are supporting a family in Africa.


Now, as a brand, we are ready to take a New Lane in African Fashion Industry. We aim to Sell Affordable, budget friendly Ready To Wear African Print. We are here to spread the African culture and to reach out beyond bound.


In this new phase of FLE Clothing, We want our women to look elegant while celebrating the diversity and beauty of Africa culture without the price tag to match. That is why our clothing price is half priced compared to other Brands in our niche without the compromise of Quality and customer service.


We do believe in quality that is why our Quality remains unchanged in this new drive.

Our ready to wear Prints are 100% African wax cotton and made to last and fit perfectly.

Our brand story is a journey of love for fashion, dedication, an unwavering commitment to succeed. Here we celebrate the strength, moral, honesty and radiant elegance of African woman in her dressing.


With each of our garment we intend for all who wear our brand to become living, breathing, vibrant show of empowerment and style.


FLE the ready to wear outfit with a Bespoke feel.

Help us spread the news to your friends and families.

We ask for your support in this drive.


Thank you

Evangeline - Creative Director, F.L.E Clothing.



Follow us on instagram and like our social media post knowing that your support is surely impacting life. Thank you


When you Mention F.L.E remember chic styles without the price tag to match!


Be Proud of Your Heritage!

Flaunt It!

Will there still be sales?


There will be No need for sales or discount codes as every collection we launch will be as affordable as possible. 


Why are your clothings cheaper than other brands?


We have been able to reduce our overheads and lowered our profit margin to the minimum. But most importantly, we want to make the clothes affordable and reach out to people who find it difficult to buy expensive attire from other brands but still want to look beautiful and spread the African culture to the world. 


Are your fabrics different from other African Clothing Brands? 


Absolutely Not. We use high quality 100% African wax cotton. 

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