​Items purchased during a BOGOF offer are viewed as groups. The BOGOF offer applies to the lower-priced item(s) in the group, making the lower-priced item discounted or free. If a return is necessary, each item in the pair has a new, equal value based off of the order total for all the grouped items, where the same % off discount is applied to each item individually. Returning any of the items from a BOGOF offer will refund that discounted value of the returned item as Store Credit.


Item(s) purchased during Buy one Get One Free offer can be returned for STORE CREDIT only.



Items from a BOGOF deal cannot be exchanged. We do not offer direct exchanges. Exchanges can be facilitated by using a STORE CREDIT given for your returned item(s).


Shipping Policy

The buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges. Shipping charges are non-refundable. The refund amount excludes shipping fees. If you received FREE SHIPPING on your original order, you will be refunded the merchandise amount minus our shipping costs.

Q And A


Please check to see if your question have been answered before sending us an email.


1. How does the BOGO or Buy 1, Get 1 Free offer work?

Place at least TWO(2) items in your cart. The lower priced item will be FREE.


Example A: If you order ONE(1) £30 dress and One £20 Corset, you will receive the Corset at no cost. You will receive TWO(2) items in total.


Example B: If you order TWO(2) £30 dresses and TWO (2) £20 Corsets, you will receive ONE(1) dress and ONE(1) Corset at no cost. You will receive FOUR(4) items in total.


Please ensure that you have an even number of items in your cart to maximize the effect of the Buy One, Get One Free promotion.


 2. Do both items have to be the same?

No. You can choose different colours of the same style, or same colours of same styles or completely different styles. The free item(s) will be the next sequentially lower priced item(s) in your cart.


3. If I buy one item do I qualify for a discount?

If you add one item to your cart, you have to pay for it: one does not quality for a discount.


4. Do I need a Code for buy one get one offer?

Yes, a code is required during check out. The code for the selected corsets weekend sale is : CORSETS1


5. Does buy one get one offer only apply to selected products?

Yes, it's only applicable to every item in the corset section of the website.


6. Can I use any other codes during BOGO sales?

No, this sale cannot be combined with any other sales, offers, store credits or discounts.


7. If wrong order was shipped can I get a refund?

Yes you can get a refund or get the right item sent. But All products are thoroughly inspected and are made to go through various checks (including quality checks) before they are shipped to customers to avoid sending a wrong order.


8. How do I chose my outfits size?

Check the size guide to help with choosing your outfit size.

9. Can I get Exchange for items from BOGOF offer?

Sorry, No Exchange given. The reason being that our clothes are in demand, limited and the offer is for a specified period. We cannot guarantee the items in your original BOGOF order will still be

in stock or your new order will still be eligible for the BOGOF by the time the item is returned.

So we only offer Store credit for any returned item during Buy One Get one Free Sale offer. 

10. Can I get a Refund for BOGOF item?

No you cannot get a refund.

This is the because of the deep discount offered, all items purchased during our Buy One Get One Free promotion period are final sale. You can only return for a STORE CREDIT.

This is how a Store Credit Refund will work:

If your first qualifying item is £60 and the second qualifying item is £40, the £60 item will be discounted as by £24 and the £40 item will be discounted by £16, which gives a total discount of £40. If either item is returned, the return value will be equal to the original purchase price reduced by its prorated discount. This will be the amount that will be given as a store credit. 


​Thank you for your understanding.